Decentralized Enterprise Architecture: Can It Actually Work?

Interesting read over at Architecture & Governance Magazine ( written by Raghavendra (Rao) Subbarao ( as “Decentralized Enterprise Architecture: Can It Actually Work?”. Think there are some good points made here for the case for and against centralized versus de-centralized operating models. I have discovered through bitter experience that a Federated model probably works the best for a number of reasons, but this is usually not very comfortable for most corporate senior management to embrace. Use of balanced matrix organization is a little more complex than the classic command and control models most are familiar with. But it does put hands-on practitioners where they are needed the most (in the field solving for real problems) and enables the kind of business relationships and trust needed to ensure the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.  No one likes to live with Ivory Tower dictates no matter how compelling a case can be made for them. I think we all agree that collaboration among peers leads to widespread use and adoption. This is the magic. And the true difference between time consuming confrontations over who holds the power of decision or the energetic, creative empowerment of all contributors that really gets things done. There is much more to this, but the argument should be shifted to understanding how to make a Federated model work. The truth is the solution is not in selecting a centralized vs. decentralized model. It is neither.


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