25 years, 170+ million customers affected, 5+ billion transactions processed…

Sounds like the old McDonald marquee tote board
(for those old enough to remember when they used to count burgers sold chain-wide).


Actually everyone you see in this picture has had a hand in many of the products and services you use everyday and have come to rely on. Like shipping freight across the world, using a credit card, paying an electric bill, caring for a loved one in a hospital, or helping our young people protect this country of ours. I never really thought about this until we all got together for one evening last week to laugh about old times. And then it dawned on me when I realized the collective contribution this group has made to a number of lives. Call us clueless geeks, hopeless loons, but I for one count myself lucky to have had the good fortune to be associated with each and every one of them. They have enriched my life in so many ways. And the best part? I still get to see them every now and then and raise a glass or two to old times.



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