Another terrific tool…

Sometimes I trip over things that I wish I known had existed when I really needed them – one of these is the CMMI for Development site that Chrisophe Guilbert from Pladesoft has created using WIT (Web Idea Tree).  Originally I had just intended to browse through the CMMI for Development 1.2 reference and was floored by how easy it was to quickly find what I was looking for. For many of us who have ever labored over this almost indecipherable (but important) piece of work, this will come to be an invaluable reference you will want to bookmark and visit often. And then my curiosity got the best of me, and I decided quickly see how this was done. After landing at the WIT home page , I had to download both the free and evaluation versions. Three hours later I was still exploring a terrific piece of software that accomplishes so much in an intuitive, simple way with a minimum of fuss.  I beginning to wonder (maybe it is just me) how this terrific piece of work has escaped my attention. Heavily recommended, visit his site (after browsing the CMMI site referenced above) and I think you will agree with me.


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